<COZY> is a hardcore PvE and PvP guild. Our core has tens thousands of hours of combined vanilla experience in Retail, Retail Vanilla and on Private Servers. Our leadership core have been leading and playing together for over 3 years on various projects. Our accomplishments range from server first level 60's, server first clears, to top ranked speed clears. We have a solid, hand-picked, player core of 60+ established, but due to the natural attrition of Classic WoW, we will continue to recruit throughout the life of the game.

<COZY> is motivated to become one of the most competitive guilds in NA. In light of this, we have significant expectations of trials who hope to become core raiders. All raid positions are merit based.

Our Goals

Class Needs

All classes welcome, but healers in demand.

<COZY> Discord


Don't hesitate to join the discord, contact one of the officers, and fill out an application!